• 2018-05-10

26% of Georgians think that long-time stay in Georgia is the most attractive for Germans.

In contrast, visitors that come to Georgia for a long-term stay the most often are Russians.

  In the scope of the survey conducted in the region and Russia, the respondents evaluated their countries through other people’s view. In each country, 1200 respondents answered the question, a person of which nationality would find their country an attractive place to live, work or study.

Georgians are the most critical in the region while evaluating their country’s desirability. 21% of the surveyed think that Georgia isn’t an attractive destination for foreign nationals to move to for living/work/studying purposes. 16% of Azerbaijani and 15% of Armenians feel the same way about their countries.

Every 4th Russian also thinks that their country isn’t an attractive destination for any of the foreign country nationals to move to in search of a place to live/work/study.

Azerbaijani respondents think that their country is most attractive for Turkish citizens. Russians think that Belarus (18%) and German (18%) citizens would feel the best while living in Russia for work or study purposes. Armenians think that Armenia should be most attractive for German   (34%), Russian (30%), French (28%) and American (28%) citizens.

In the opinion of Georgian respondents, from this point Georgia should be most interesting for Germans (26%) and Americans (22%). They also assess that our country is pretty attractive for French (18%) and British (17%) to move to for living/work/study purposes

According to the National Commission for Migration, only 1,5% of immigrants who came to Georgia in 2016 was USA citizen, while the number of German immigrants was even smaller.

In reality, long-term visit to Georgia turned out to be more typical for residents of neighboring countries instead of those, for whom, by the assessment of Georgians, long-term visit to the country should have been most comfortable. According to the migration profile of Georgia in 2017, citizens of neighboring countries were crossing the border most often. Among them the most visitors were from Russia (26%), Turkey (15%) and Armenia (14%)