• 2018-05-21

Women aged 45-54 spend the most time cleaning the house.
Compared to 2006, time spend on house cleaning by women
has decreased in every age category.

“IPM Research” conducted a study in Georgia to find out how much time people spend on house cleaning. 1000 respondents participated in the survey.

As expected, mostly this chore falls on women. 95% of female respondents clean house at least once a week, while only 16% of men clean house with same frequency. 

As it turned out, women aged 45-54 spend the most time cleaning the house, while men aged 35-44 spend the least (approximately 14 days and 0,1 days, respectively). There’s insignificant change in time spend cleaning the house among men of different age groups.

Women spend the least time on cleaning the house at age 18-24. Though it should be mentioned that even in this age the time women spend on house cleaning is still significantly more, than time spent by men aged 45-54. To be more exact, women aged 18-24 spend about 7,6 days a year on house cleaning, while men aged 45-54 spend 0.9 days

If we sum up the time spent on this activity starting from their adulthood, a 65-year-old woman has spend, on average, 1 year and 73 days on cleaning the house, while a man has spend only 28 days.

“IPM Research” conducted similar study in 2006. Analysis by gender showed that there was practically no change in gender roles concerning this activity. The time spend by men on cleaning the house has increased by insignificant amount among men aged 45-54.

The change in time spend on house cleaning by women in the last 12 years is also interesting to observe. Compared to 2006, in 2018 time spend on cleaning has decreased in every age category. Presumably, this change is due to more frequent usage of household appliances and items