• 2018-06-04

Until they turn 54, women spend more and more time
on cooking the older they get,
while men cook equally rarely at almost any age.

Are you interested how many days of their lives people spend on cooking? IPM Research surveyed 1000 people and found out how frequently Georgian respondents cook and how much time they spend on this activity.
As it turns out, the respondents cook quite often at home. Cooking is mostly women’s activity - 95% of them cooks at least once a week, while almost every fourth man (23%) does the same. Those men that cook do it more rarely than women. Namely, women cook on average 7 times a week, while men cook about once a week. Women cook most actively at the age between 45 and 54. At this age they spend approximately 22 days a year cooking. Before reaching this age women spend more and more time on cooking the older they get. In the age group of 55-64 the load becomes comparatively lower. As for men – they cook equally rarely at almost every age. Compared to the other age categories, men cook a little more frequently when they’re 18-24 years old. These statistics are a good illustration for activity distribution between genders – it is a woman’s job to cook. The comparatively higher intensity of the activity among younger men can be explained by the fact that at this age most young people are students and a large part of them spends it away from home, so men in the age group of 18-24 are often responsible for their own meals.

If we count the time spent on cooking during the entire lifetime starting from the moment they reach adulthood, it turns out that a 65 year old woman has spent, on average, 2 years and 60 days on cooking, while a man has spent only 77 days. If we compare these results to the similar study, IPM Research conducted in 2006, we’ll see that women spend approximately the same amount of time on cooking now as they spent back then. Though women in the age group of 45-54 spend more time on cooking at home in 2018 than they spent in 2006. Subsequently we can say that women’s cooking activities haven’t changed in last 12 years.