• 2018-11-27

Half of the students of Georgian HEI think they have
high preparedness on international labor market.
With such self-confidence they are above the results of students
from European countries such as Austria, France, Norway, etc.

Higher education institutions are the most prestigious institutions to prepare for labor market in Georgia. This article refers to preparedness of students for employment on labor market and is based on the results of international survey Eurostudent VI. 1
Students of HEI in Georgia evaluate their preparedness for employment on the national labor market very positively. Regardless, the unemployment is one of the most challenging problems of Georgian economy with the 13.9% unemployment rate. 2 Moreover, Georgian students have the highest preparedness for employment on the national labor market, among the other participants of the survey.
To be more precise, high preparedness of employment has 80% of students of Georgian HEI programs. We could assume that the labor market saturated with staff having higher education background is not perceived as barrier for preparedness of employment because they may feel uncompetitive but well prepared, qualified staff prepared by high-quality education. Even though, reviewing students self- confidence about preparedness for employment on international labor market level, exposes that Georgian students’ self-assessment is clearly high.
The half of the students surveyed in Georgian HEIs (51%) think that after graduating their current study programs they will be (very) well prepared for employment on international labor market. Their self- confidence regarding preparedness for employment on international level exceeds the results of students from Austria (42%), France (39%) or Norway (24%).
Regarding this topic, Georgian HEI students’ assessment is slightly behind the results only Finland (55%)
and Irland (52%).