• 2018-12-10

IPM Researches continues to study media advertising monitoring and offers the activity of sector- Dairy Products. The monitoring period is October-November 2018. The target media is TV.
During the above-mentioned period in total 203 851 ad clips were placed on TV. The chronometry was 4 638 718 seconds. According to official price list the investment equaled GEL 164 860 329. In the category-Dairy products 6 339 clips were presented. Ad clips of dairy products equaled 3,11 % of all clips. The share of chronometry is 2,12 %. In terms of investment, the share is 2,89 %. 4 companies places ad clips in dairy products category:

The above-mentioned companies placed ads of various brands-butter, yogurt, cream cheese, etc.

The chart shows brand activity of dairy products category: