• 2019-01-04

IPM surveyed 1000 respondents for upcoming New Year and found out people’s expectation regarding New Year 2019.

As research revealed, the most of the population meets New Year with hopefull expectations and think that New Year 2019 will be the better year for their family. 4.5% guess 2019 will be just like 2018 year while prognosis of 4.8% of respondents is more pessimistic.

We asked the respondents regarding their new year wishes. The most frequently named responses on the question ‘If you could ask Santa for a wish, what would it be?’ were ‘General welfare’ (29%) and ‘Health’ (21%). Some of the research participants responded rather more private wishes regarding debt payment (14%) or personal purchase. A small part of respondents (3%) obstinately claims that Santa Claus does not exist!

Apparently, Georgians are still not bored with one of the most popular New Year song around the world. The song ‘Jingle Bells creates the best New Year’s mood for 46% of the respondents. Among Georgian songs, ‘Alilo’ (12%) and ‘Mravaljamieri’ (11%) are the most favorite New Year songs.