• 2019-01-04

Among the research participant countries, a small amount of respondents
support the idea of entering Georgian investments in their countries (from 4% to 7%).

The aim of the survey conducted in the region and Russia, was to find out from which countries would be desirable influx of capital, investments, arrival of companies, entrepreneurs and businessmen to organize their enterprises. 1200 respondents responded this question in each country. The survey revealed that a small amount of respondents from the countries participating in the survey, support the idea of entering Georgian investments in their countries. Armenians are the least likely to support this idea (4%), while the Russians are most likely to do (7%). Entering Russian capital and businessmen to organize enterprises in their country is the most desirable for Armenians (38%). Also, Georgians are more positive about Russian investments than Azeris. 19% of Georgians would like to enter Russian investments, companies and businessmen in their country to organize the enterprises in Georgia.

For more than half of surveyed Georgians, the influx of investment and businessmen from USA would be desirable (52%). For significant amount of respondents the same influx from Germany would be favorable (41%).

The Azeris turned out to be the most unopened to foreign investments (17%). The highest openness to this issue expressed the Georgians. Only 4% of surveyed Georgians does not like to receive capital andenter businessmen from other countries to organize local enterprises.