• 2019-01-29

Radio advertising gets more and more attractive for business companies due to many factors including easy access to potential clients. Radio is available in a car, at home, public transport, via mobile phone or internet. Radio is everywhere. Almost everyone listens to the radio. The segment of radio audience is diverse as people can apply radio at work, while driving, during physical activities or entertainment. The value of advertisement is also significant as radio advertising is cheaper than TV advertising.

IPM Researches monitored 7 radio stations in 2018:

Radio Imedi
 Radio Palitra
 Fortuna
 Fortuna+
 Ar Daidardo
 Auto Radio
 Radio Maestro

During 2018 in total 1 432 351 advertisements were placed on radio. In 2017 this indicator was 1 162 917. In 2018 the number increased by 23,17 %. In 2018 the whole chronometry is 25 508 501 seconds. Investment amounts to GEL 33 795 875. In 2018 699 companies placed advertisements in radio. Tegeta Motors placed the biggest number- 43 437. It represents 3,03 % of the whole volume of advertisements. The second position is occupied by Momitane.ge with 37 779 advertisements. Its share equals 2,64. The top 10 companies of 2018 are as follow: The chart shows top 10 companies in terms of the volume of radio advertising in 2018:

As for radio stations in 2018 the biggest number of advertisements was presented by radio Maestro (444 796) and radio Imedi ( 209 644).
The chart shows shares of radio companies in terms of advertisements volume in 2018: