• 2019-02-03

People spend on average, 28 seconds to wash their hands at a time;
while recommended duration is 40-60 seconds.

The winter time is season of viruses! As it is known, the most germs causing the infections are spread by not washing hands. Thus, in case of some infectious deceases, keeping hands clean is one of the most important hygienic procedures to prevent ourselves from getting sick. At first look, this activity does not demand a lot of time from us, but the time spent on washing hands is pretty much.
We asked 1000 respondents throughout Georgia to find out the intensity of this activity and the time spent on it. As it turned out, Georgians do not wash their hands very often during the day. Among respondents everyone wash their hands at least once a day – 40.5% does this activity 4 times a day or more frequently but the rest of the respondents, almost 60%, wash their hands 1- 3 times a day. Considering the circumstances when hand washing is necessary (upon returning home, before and after having meal, after using the toilet, etc.) it is obvious that such frequency of hand wash is quite low.

A person spends on average, 28 seconds to wash their hands at a time. This duration is rather less than recommended time. According to the NCDC, we should spend at least 40-60 seconds on washing hands. 1 All in all, person spends on average, 4.2 days washing hands during a year. Accordingly, starting from adulthood – a 64-year-old person has spent on average, 198 days washing hands and face. Similar survey, conducted on that topic in 2006, reveals that this time was 13 days shorter 12 years ago.