• 2019-02-18

36,9% of Georgian students consider their parents’ financial status as (very) well-off,
39,8% thinks it is average, while 23,4% evaluates it as not (at all) well-off

According to international research Eurostudent, which involved survey of European countries’ students, respondents answered the questions regarding their parents education and financial status. Georgian students also participated in this survey which enables us to compare their responses with the answers of other students from European countries’ universities. 1 As it turned out, Georgians exceed every country but the Germany among up to 30 country in terms of parents educational background. 66,4% of Georgian students has at least one parent with higher education background. Parentsal educational status analyses by gender reveals that fathers more often have higher education (57,4%), than mothers (52,7%).

high assessment compared to other countries. Relatively less students assess their parental financial status as ‘well-off’ or ‘very well- off’ even in the countries like: Germany (26,3%), Denmark (34,2%), Ireland (24,8%), etc.