• 2019-02-25

Human rights is one of the most sensitive and important topics in media. This topic is actively covered by media means. IPM summed the data of the previous year as well as data since 2010 and presented media attitude trends toward violence, minority rights, etc to the society.
The given article continues the previous one and completes the picture with data of 2018. We present statistic data regarding human rights in terms of its coverage and specialized directions.
During 2018 in total 113 833 articles/reports were dedicated to the topic. This indicator exceeds the figure of the previous year by over 50 000 news.
Important components were-violence with 61 216 articles/reports and gender issues with 23 645 news- during a year.
Alongside with other big topics there are significant issues in human rights direction that are depicted in the following chart:

During years media as well as social activity has been increased. This trend is quite obvious. Media coverage statistics for 3 big sectors is as follows: