• 2019-03-05

IPM Researches continues advertising monitoring and offers construction business activity on TV in 2018.
In 2018 966 168 commercials were places with chronometry- 21 576 906 seconds. According to official price list the investment amounted to GEL 870 374 358. Let’s consider statistics of construction sector. In 2018 28 046 TV advertisements were placed in construction sector. It represents 2,9 % of the whole volume of TV advertising. Out of this 16 331 were commercials and 11715-sponsorship clips. The advertising videos were divided among 29 companies and Axis placed the biggest number of commercials- 4 771. The chart shows the share of TV advertising in construction sector:

As for the parameter of chronometry, as it is found out Terrace Group used the most advertising air time after Archi Group. The share of terrace Group amounts to 9,08 %. In terms of quantity Terrace Group is on the fourth position. 

The rest of the companies are divided in the following way: the chart shows the chronometry of TV advertising in construction sector: