• 2019-04-01

2019 year started with two big innovations in Georgian reality. Accumulative pension system is obligatory and promises carefree old ages to people under 40 years. New banking regulations were also established. As it is said “don’t count chickens before they hatch” and Georgian government is waiting for autumn to see the effectiveness of the project. Before that Georgian media actively broadcasts information about pension system and banking regulations. Media monitoring analysis shows that activation of accumulative pension system was more popular compared to banking regulations. On average 800 articles/TV reports were recorded on banking regulations, while more than 1500 news were reported on accumulative pension system.

These two issues were distributed in the following way according to media types.

The content profile of both themes in media is partly negative. The main focus is on negative results of the draft law that is potentially expected in long period of time. Categories of the subject that negatively discuss banking regulations and accumulative pension system are: opposition, business, part of society whose comments create social idea such as experts, professors, etc. It’s logical that members of government, who see positive results or refuse to comment are in the minority and “count chickens before they hatch”.
Both draft codes directly touch society, so social media analysis is very important. It’s obvious that both draft codes are disliked and distrusted by the society. On one side people with middle income lost chance to improve their lives and on the other side nobody believes in carefree and safe old ages, on the background of unsustainable economy and devaluation of national currency.