• 2019-04-08


Due to hampered traffic Tbilisi citizens spend
around 2 hours and a half every week in travelling.

You may often hear complain of Tbilisi citizens regarding congested roads. Traffic jams on the specific road sections seems to be routine for the city. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, quantity of cars in Tbilisi grows every year. This dynamic makes the problem more and more difficult to tackle.
Regarding this topic IPM Market intelligence Caucasus implemented a survey with Tbilisi citizens. 600 citizens participated in the survey.
The survey revealed, that due to hampered traffic, Tbilisi citizen spends considerable amount of time in travelling every week – approximately 147 minutes - which is around 2 hours and a half. Due to this issue, 35 and older respondents spend approximately two times more (3h and 39 min) than respondents aged 18-34 (1h and 40 min).

Also, women spend more time in travelling due to hampered traffic (3h) than men (2h). Respondents answered the question in what activity would they spend the time if they did not spend it in traffic. As it turned out, the most popular alternative activity for Tbilisi citizens would be leisure/entertainment (65.2%) and relation with friends/acquaintances (45.8%).