• 2019-04-15

TV still remains part of everyday live for most people -
96% of respondents watch TV on a daily bases.

At first sight, people watch TV less often considering the growth of computers’ role in our everyday live but TV still remains one of the most powerful toll of massinformation. “IPM Market Intelligence Caucasus” has surveyed 1200 people to find out how frequently watch people TV and how much time they spend on it. The results of the survey you can find in this
As it turned out 96% of respondents watch TV on a daily bases. A person watches TV on average twice a day and spends on average, 1 hour and 35 minutes each time.
The results regarding watching TV by age groups looks like this: 55-64 aged respondents watch TV most actively; respondents up to 34 year are the least active. Considering this issue by gender, reveals that up to 45 year women spend more time on watching TV than men. After this age, the time spent on watching TV is almost equal for them. People of age 55-64 spend the most time on this activity – 58 days on average, in a year.

All in all, 65 years person has spent almost 8 years on watching TV. By comparing this survey data with the similar survey conducted in 2009, we can see that time spent on watching TV is decreased dramatically for every age group since 2006. Considering the increased scales of internatization, the result was quite expected.