• 2019-06-03

In June 2018 year company IPM Research presented an article about media activity of gambling business in Georgia. The issue is still popular this year as well. The issue of regulating gambling business on legislative level is being discussed for several years already. Last year we spoke that the issue was delayed because of different reasons. The same situation is this
year.  In 2019 the above-mentioned draft code wasn’t adopted by the parliament and its discussion was postponed for indefinite time. Social situation isn’t improved in the country and gambling addiction is increased as people want to earn money easily.
Despite of unpleasant reality, gambling business is the main source of filling central and regional budget of the state. Thus the sate encourages the business. According to government’s decision made on April 11, 2019 newly constructed casino in Grigoleti and Poti will be freed from payment for 10 years, located in the newly constructed hotel with not less than 80 rooms. Since April 4, 2019 casino in Kazbegi Municipality and Tsinandali will be freed from payment. As we see, tourism as one of the initial sectors for state development is closely connected with gambling business and perhaps this has caused disarrangement in priorities of officials. It’s difficult to determine what is more important-protecting adults from bad habit or filling the state budget. According to media statistics, this is the list of the most active brands operating in gambling business in Q1, 2019.