• 2019-08-01

Radio audience mostly involves people aged 25-44 and
the least - people 55-65 years old.

With the increasing diversity and availability of media, at first sight, radio loses its popularity, however, it still retains a significant number of loyal listeners. IPM Market Intelligence Caucasus launched the next wave of continuous radio audience measurement project. 1300 listeners of radio wave was interviewed in 7 big cities of Georgia. Residents of Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Rustavi, Zugdidi, Poti and Gori participated in the study.
As it turned out, 44% of the residents of these 7 big cities listen to the radio. Regardless, radio audience covers listeners of all age category, it should be noted that half of them are people 25-44 years old.

58% of those who listen to the radio, perform this activity on a daily basis and listen at least one radio channel per day.
As it turned out, the most active time during the day for listening to the radio, is 9am-10am period. After this time, the intensity of radio listening decreases and relatively increases later - between 6pm-7pm time interval. There is no sharp difference in radio listening hours among the radio listeners in the region and in Tbilisi. Though, for them, the intensity of this activity in the first half of the day is more similar than in the second half. 3pm-4pm is the time interval for people living in the region, when they listen to the radio more than respondents living in Tbilisi. After this time, in comparison with Tbilisi, the intensity of radio listening decreases in the region.