• 2020-11-19

IPM continues advertising monitoring and offers data on finishing materials sector and its activity in TV in Q3, 2020.
In the above-mentioned period the sector companies placed 4759 TV commercials.
In terms of the commercials’ quantity company Zodi occupies the leading position (1986 ad clips). Gabuild comes the second with 319 ad clips.
The chart shows the quantity of TV ad clips placed by finishing materials companies in Q3, 2020:

In chronometry parameter company Zodi occupies the first position. The chronometry of its ad clips equals 28 399 seconds. The second is Gabuild with 23 475 seconds chronometry.
The chart shows chronometry of TV advertising placed by finishing materials companies in Q3, 2020:

Company Knauf is a leader of the most important parameter-investment. In Q3, 2020 it invested GEL 1 612 491. Gabuild occupies the second position with investment worth GEL 629 371 and Best Group is on the last position with GEL 554.
The chart shows investment in TV advertising by finishing sector companies in Q3, 2020: