• 2021-01-22

IPM continues monitoring of avdertising campaign and this time it offers the activity of construction companies on TV in 2020.
In 2020 over 20 construction companies were active at market. The sector placed 30 752 TV ads. Here are 10 top companies in terms of ads number, chronometry and investment.
In terms of ads number Archi Group occupies the first position with 13348 ad clips. The second position belongs to NBG with 2471 ads.
The chart shows the number of TV ads (sponsorship and commercial) placed by construction companies in 2020:

In 2020 in the chronometry parameter company Archi is leading ( 475 270 seconds). NBG comes the second (55439 seconds) and the third position is occupied by Hochbau (41613 seconds).
The chart shows chronometry parameters of TV advertising in 2020:

In one of the most important parameters-investment Archi occupies the first position with GEL 29 207 872 according to the official price list.
M2 is on the second position with GEL 2 948 150 and Lisi Development is the third with GEL 2 145 530.
The chart shows investment of companies in 2020 according to the official price list: