• 2021-04-26

IPM continues monitoring of advertising market and this time we offer advertising statistics of medicaments sector.

In 2020 in the category of pharmaceuticals 95 399 ad clips were presented on TV. The chronometry of those clips was 1 470 951 seconds. According to the official price list the investment is GEL 81 034 149.
In 2020 the biggest number of advertisements was placed by „BERLIN-CHEMIE“ (in total 22 898 ad clips.)
The chart shows top 5 advertisers in the medicaments category in terms of ad clips number:

In 2020 the biggest number of TV ad clips concerned „NO-SHPA“ (7 101 clips). The second position belongs to “LAQTO-G“ with 5 830 ad clips.

Among top 5 the first position in air time parameter is occupied by „BERLIN-CHEMIE.“ Its air time was 368 088 seconds. The second position belongs to „GLAXOSMITHKLINE“ with 284 451 seconds.
The chart shows top 5 advertisers in terms of chronometry:

In investment parameter „BERLIN-CHEMIE“ is leading. It invested GEL 30 766 658 in 2020. Then comes „GLAXOSMITHKLINE“ with GEL 15 316 610 worth investment.