• 2021-10-28

IPM continues TV advertising monitoring and this time offers advertising statistics of banking sector.
In Q3, 2021 in total 2 706 ad clips were placed on TV in banking sector category. The chronometry amounted to 67 853 seconds and investment equaled GEL 5 992 139. During the above-mentioned period TBC Bank was leading in terms of TV advertising quantity with 1394 videos. Bank of Georgia comes the second with 1159 videos.
The chart shows the quantity of TV advertisements in banking category in Q3, 2021.

In the monitoring period Bank of Georgia placed the biggest number of videos (766) on Channel 1, while TBC Bank placed 722 videos on Rustavi 2. The chart shows the number of ad videos placed by banks on particular TV channels during Q3, 2021.

In chronometry parameter TBC Bank tops the list with 39 284 seconds. Bank of Georgia occupies the second position with 27 092 seconds. The chart shows chronometry of TV advertising in banking sector during Q3, 2021:

In the given period banks spent GEL 5 992 139 on TV advertising (commercial and sponsorship) according to the official price list. TBC Bank made the biggest investment-GEL 3 641 548. The expenses of Bank of Georgia amounted to GEL 2 350 591. In Q3, 2021 Basis Bank, VTB Bank and Liberty Bank placed sponsorship videos only.

The chart shows banks’ expenses in Q3, 2021: