• 2021-11-29

The year 2021 is coming to an end and the record price growth on oil products seems to be one of the most staggering and concerning media topics. Since the beginning of the year the oil prices continue their rising trend and there is no hopeful forecast for future. The price hike is followed by public discontent and we can say that the protest reached its peak in November 2021 when consumers announced boycott to the owners of petrol stations.
The following players are currently active at the fuel market: Wissol Petroleum, Socar, Gulf, Rompetrol and Lukoil. The statistics of the companies’ media coverage in 2021 is as follows:

In 2021 Socar is a media leader in oil industry. Then comes Wissol Petroleum with a small percentage difference. These two companies represent up to 70% of the sector media coverage.
The assessment analysis of oil companies shows that negative evaluation exceeds positive one with a single case and the latter concerns Lukoil. The biggest quantity of positive assessment is identified in regard with Socar.