• 2022-05-06

IPM continues monitoring of advertising market and this time offers advertising statistics of cosmetics sector.
In 2021 players of cosmetics market placed 20 559 ad clips on TV. 56% out of them was placed by PSP and 27%-by Loreal. The chart shows the quantity of TV advertising provided by cosmetics companies in 2021:

As for the brands the biggest number of commercials (11732) belongs to GARNIER. The second position is occupied by MARTI DERM with 2144 ads. The last position belongs to NOREVA with 14 commercials.

In accordance with official price list in 2021 cosmetic companies spent in total GEL 16 759 809 on TV advertising. The biggest investment was made by Loreal. The company spent GEL 13 254 386 in this regard.

The chart shows TV advertising expenses of cosmetics sector in 2021.