• 2022-09-12

IPM continues monitoring of advertising market and this time offers advertising statistics of coffee industry.
In Q2, 2022 representatives of coffee industry placed 12 166 TV advertisements. The biggest amount of them belongs to Jacobs Egberts (5519). The second position is occupied by Carte Noire (3719).
The chart shows the quantity of TV advertising by coffee industry representatives in Q2, 2022:

Jacobs Egberts placed the majority of ad clips (2070) on TV Maestro; Carte Noire (1386)-on TV Maestro, Jockey (434)-on TV Maestro and Nescafe Gold(364)-on GDS. The chart shows TV advertising placed by coffee industry players on particular TV channels:

In the above-mentioned category the biggest investment was made by Jacobs Egberts. It spent GEL 5 465 198.
The chart shows the amount of investment made by coffee industry companies in Q2, 2022: