• 2022-09-21

IPM continues monitoring of advertising market and this time offers advertising statistics of chocolate producer companies. In Q2, 2022 the above-mentioned companies placed 4 667 TV advertisements. The biggest number belongs to Mondelez (2902). The next comes Ferrero (1704).
The chart shows the quantity of TV advertisements placed by chocolate producer companies in Q2, 2022:

As for the producer brands, the majority of TV advertising concerned Alpen gold (2096). The second position belongs to Kinder (845). The chart shows the quantity of TV advertising in terms of brands in Q2, 2022:

According to the official price list in the given monitoring period chocolate producer companies spent GEL 4 509 972 on TV advertising. The biggest investor in this regard was Mondelez (GEL 2 477 367). The chart shows TV advertising expenses of chocolate producer companies in Q2, 2022: