• 2022-12-26

In Q3, 2022 9510 TV advertisements were placed by juice sector companies. The chronometry equaled 219 965 seconds and investment amounted to GEL 12 559 002 in accordance with the official price list. In the above-mentioned period Cappy was a leader in terms of TV advertising quantity ( 4878). The chart shows the quantity of TV advertisements placed by juice brands in Q3, 2022:

In chronometry parameter Cappy is still leading with 141 156 seconds.
The chart shows the chronometry of TV advertising offered by juice category:

In the most important parameter of investment Cappy tops the rating. In Q3 the company spent GEL 8 337 717 according to the official price list.
The chart shows investment made by juice sector companies in TV advertising campaign in Q3, 2022: