IPM was founded in 1995. During the years it turned into the biggest marketing consultation company in Georgia after cooperating with international research institutions and big corporations.

Nowadays IPM group includes not only the research company with full service but it also prepares marketing, social and political surveys, marketing and communication strategies, field activities. It successfully provides PR projects, conducts business trainings, observes full spectrum of media and advertising. Currently IPM applies technologies of international research institutions in consumer surveys and consultation fields. 

On November 18, 2005 IPM was awarded with Quality Management System certificate. It means that IPM underwent procedures of quality control that are recognized by Certification Association and fully corresponds to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Today IPM cooperates with over 200 local and international organizations in various directions. Georgian office of the company employs 100 full time staff members, survey managers, media and advertising monitoring managers, recruit, field, data and standardized project managers, 260 interviewers in 10 regional offices as well as managers of outdoor advertising and trade outlet surveys.  IPM owns a specially arranged area for group discussions and focus groups. IPM also includes qualitative, quantitative, mystery, cabinet and B2B surveys, trade outlet, media and advertising monitoring studies, rating projects, standardized surveys, data analysis and quality control departments.

The company conducts coordination activities in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Belarus and other countries.