IPM Media Monitoring Team evaluates the activity of business companies in 2021 through the media as the best indicator and offers statistics for the past period of the current year. We offer 20 business coverage with the largest media coverage. The list is quite diverse in terms of industries and their representatives. The banking sector is leading in Top 20 companies and it is represented with 5 popular brands for the society. You will also meet players from the medical, pharmaceutical, aviation, oil importer, telecommunications, construction, gambling business, and mineral and soft drinks, automotive industries.
Top 20 most active business companies in the Georgian media are as following:

From the given list, the first 5 companies have covered more than 1000 information in the past period. Their sentiment profile is given in the chart below:

Out of 5 companies, negative and positive activities are found in all 5 cases. Only in the case of Liberty Bank, the negative rate exceeds the 0% mark.
TBC Bank and Bank of Georgia have the highest positive rates.


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