In Q1, 2022 in total 33 563 TV advertisements were placed by soft drinks producers. The chronometry amounted to 574233 seconds. In accordance with the official price list the investment equaled GEL 34 305 520.
Let’s discuss the position of companies in soft drinks category.
In Q1, 2022 Coca Cola tops the rating in terms of TV advertising with 16 543 clips. The chart shows the quantity of TV advertising in the category of soft drinks sector:

In the above-mentioned category Coca Cola is leading in chronometry parameter as well (288611 seconds).
The chart shows the chronometry of TV advertising by soft drinks producers:

Coca Cola is a leader in investment parameter as well. In Q1 the expenses of the company amounted to GEL 18 407 610 according to the official price list.

The chart shows the investment made by soft drinks companies in Q1, 2022:


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