Articles urging people to help and support others are often met in social media and internet. Indeed lots of people need help, who may be complete strangers or people we may know. IPM team conducted a study to find out to what extent people are socially responsible. 800 respondents were interviewed in the scopes of the survey across Georgia.
Anyone may need help: family members, co-workers, strangers in the street or in the transport and etc. But are people ready to render assistance to a stranger? Prosocial behavior includes behavior which is based on helping other people. IPM researchers tried to find out if the respondents have helped strangers in the past month.
Only 41.6 percent provided positive response to the question (view chart 1) Most of them are young (view chart 2)

chart 1

Who 431 eng

chart 2

Who 432 eng

frequently, helping other people requires having financial resources, people who helped others were split into segments based on monthly income. It was found that the respondents having higher incomes are more likely to help strangers, which means that family income is correlated with the readiness to help others.
Chart 3. People who helped strangers in context of monthly income.
Who 433 eng


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