IPM conducted a nationwide survey to learn how secure Georgian population feels. In the scopes of survey 800 respondents were surveyed, the method of survey was face to face interviewing. For analyzing the gained data index method was used, from which analytical feature-security index was derived.
Using the index enables to reveal how secure and safe the citizens feel in Georgia. The index takes into consideration the components like: trust in police, degree of security sense when in street, freedom of expressing own opinion and etc. The index has meaning from 0 (I do not feel secure/safe at all) up to 100 (I feel completely secure). Based on the survey results this index is equal to 74 in Georgia.

Chart 1. Security Index in Tbilisi/Regions context

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The first chart shows security index in section of Tbilisi and all other Regions. As it can be seen from chart the index is relatively low in Tbilisi compared to the rest of regions taken altogether.
It's also interesting how the index differs in different regions. The data shows that the security index indicator is the lowest in Kakheti (66) and the highest in Guria (89). The study revealed that the citizens in Georgia assess their security with 74 points on a scale of 100. This result can be considered as satisfactory. It should be noted that below-average results were observed only in Tbilisi (68) Kakheti (66) and Samtskhe-Javakheti (71).
Table 1. Security Index by Regions
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