IPM Media Monitoring team traditionally evaluates media activity of business companies after summer and offers statistics of September. We offer media statistics of 20 companies that were the most active in media. The list is quite diverse according to industries and their representatives. Banking sector is leading and is represented by four popular brands in the list.
Telecommunication, pharmaceutical, medical, aviation, hospitality, food, mineral waters, gambling and tobacco companies are also in the list.
Here are the first most active 20 business companies in Georgian media:

From 20 companies, the first 10 covers more than 100 information in September. Sentiment profile of these companies is given on the graphic below:

From 10 companies there are no negative or positive sentiments in case of 2 companies. From 8 companies Evex doesn’t have negative sentiments. Caucasus Online has more negative sentiments than positive. In case of other companies sentiments are more positive than negative.
TBC Bank has the biggest positive indicator, Caucasus Online-negative.
Positive indicator of TBC Bank is caused by its activities regarding social activities, as well as banking news.
Negative indicator of Caucasus Online is caused by the dispute between the company and GNCC.


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