• 2018-02-12

The year 2018 has just begun but Georgian media already offers a wide choice of the most significant and spotlighted topics.
We focus on important events and their coverage statistics in Georgian media (January 1-7). Within this period the case of Machalikashvili, wounded during a Pankisi special operation was much covered by media. In total over 1800 articles and TV reports were dedicated to this topic.

3 out of 14 news are related to business (regarding Magticom and BoG).
One of the news is from culture field and it concerns Sukhishvilis’ national dance company.
The issues concerning children are also important, e.g.kindergartens menu and immunization.
The news focused on the legislative initiative to change food menu at kindergartens and the news spread by State Audit Agency on dangerous vaccine use. The latter was a quite
resonance topic and not only society but official, responsible bodies and individuals were also involved.
The rest of the topics were political.
Unfortunately only 1 out of 14 news appeared to be positive. It was a credit line received by BoG from EBRD. Majority of topics were negative or neutral.