• 2019-03-25

Students in Georgian HEIs spend more time on personal study
than Students in other European countries:
Lietuva, Latvia, Czech Republic, Turkey, etc.

When studying in High Educational Institutions (HEI), the time spent on learning is one of the determinants of receiving high quality education for students. The data collected in the scope of international research Eurostudent VI enables us to find out how students in Georgia allocate their time on their study and paid jobs. 1 Based on the survey data we can see that bachelor and master students in Georgia spend considerable amount of time on tought studies (lesson hours, time spend in HEI on learning activities, etc.) and personal study (doing homework at home, in the library, etc.). Students spent 19.6 hours a week on lessons and other learning activities while spend 17,7 hours on personal study. Time spent on personal study for Georgian students is less than time spent on this activity in Malta, Iceland, Italy and Austria but at the same time, exceeds the indicators of many European countries like Lithuania, Czech Republic, Turkey, etc.
For employed students it is important to balance time spent on study and job. This point is quite topical for master students. As it turned out, Georgian HEIs’ students spend relatively more time on study than on paid jobs. Compare to other countries, students spend quite more time on study than on paid jobs in Malta, Germany, Italy, Portugal, etc. As for Latvia, Turkey and Romania, it is quite different – master students spend more time on paid jobs than on studying.