• 2019-05-15

Tea is still a popular drink for Georgians, although over the past 13 years, it is losing its popularity among people under 45 years old.

Tea is one of the favorite hot drinks for Georgians, and its popularity in our country is definitely not less than popularity of a coffee. By surveying 1200 respondents across the country, “IPM Market Intelligence Caucasus” found out that 82% of people still drink tea at least once a week, while 81% of surveyed respondents drink coffee with the same intensity.

As it turned out, more of the surveyed women drink tea than the men. In particular, 55% of women and 49% of men drink tea on a daily bases. Men spend most of their time in tea drinking between the ages of 55-64, while women spend most of their time in the same activity between the ages of 45-54.

The study revealed, that a person needs about 12 minutes for drinking tea for one time. If we compare it to coffee drinking duration, tea drinking ritual lasts, on average, 1 minute longer. In the end, the 65- year-old man has spent about 180 days in tea drinking.
It should be mentioned that in comparison with the data collected in 2006, it was found out that the time spent in tea drinking at the age of 45-64 is increased but the time spent in the same activity at the age of 18-44 is reduced. It is interesting that the time spent on coffee drinking at the same age category is increased.