• 2019-06-17

IPM Researches continues advertising monitoring and offers TV advertising campaign of construction companies in Q1, 2019.
Let’s discuss construction companies presented in Q1, 2019. During this period over 10 companies were active on TV.
In terms of TV commercials Archi group occupies the first position (694 commercials). Axis is on the second position with 686 commercials and Lisi Development comes the third with 677 commercials.
During 3 months of 2019 in total 4232 TV commercials of construction sector were placed on TV. 1416 out of them were sponsorship clips and 2816 were commercials.
During 3 months the chronometry of sponsorship advertising was 15587 seconds, as for chronometry of commercials, it was 65343 seconds.

The chart shows number of advertising clips in Q1, 2019 (sponsorship and commercial):

According to Q1, 2019 data Archi Group is a leader in terms of chronometry parameter ( 25 291 seconds).
M2 is on the second position with chronometry-13 597 seconds. The third position is occupied by Axis (11 507 seconds).

In one of the most important parameter of advertising campaign-investment, Archi Group is a leader of price list- GEL 3569990.
M2 is on the second position with GEL 1508481 and Lisi Development is the third with GEL 503956.
The chart shows investment of companies in accordance with official price list in Q1, 2019.