• 2019-08-19

Georgian economy wasn’t fast growing for the last decades, although there was development and progress as Georgia is a developing country. In summer 2019 there were many changes in the country and unfortunately most of them are hopeless than hopeful. In spring the situation connected to national currency was already actual and in summer it was worsened dramatically. It’s worth mentioning that summer as tourism season always served positively for Georgian Lari. Despite Russian sanctions that are much discussed in the society, experts claim that some kind of growth was recorded in tourism sector. Besides tourism, other economic fields also suffer from crisis. The most active industry of the country, banking sector incurred losses from loan regulations. It also touched construction, technic and trade sectors. Media overview of economic situation is more active this year than last year. Number of article and TV reports on economic news and problems have increased. The chart shows statistics of media overview among 6 main economic fields in summer 2019 compared to summer 2018:

Despite of regress we talked about every economic field has positive media overview that speak about development of the industry. For example, leading players of the field, financial institutions active offer sales on loans and on financial products. Finca Bank starts summer action on loans or Simplified mortgage loans-Innovative product of Terra Bank.