IPM continues monitoring of advertising market and this time provides advertising statistics of aviation sector.
In 2021 aviation sector representatives placed 2330 ads in radio and television. 2247 out of this quantity were placed in radio and 83 in television.
The chart shows the number of aviation sector advertising in television and radio in 2021:

Qatar Airways placed 81 ad videos and Tav Georgia placed 2 ad videos on TV.

All videos by Qatar Airways were placed on GPB. Tav Georgia placed its videos on TV Pirveli.

In 2021 the biggest number of radio advertising (1275) was placed by Anadolu Jet (daughter company of Turkish Airlines). The second position is occupied by Qatar Airways with 796 ads.
The chart shows the quantity of radio advertising by aviation industry players in 2021:

The biggest portion of Anadolu Jet ads (638) was presented by Fortuna+. As for Qatar Airways, it placed 735 ads on Radio Palitra.

In 2021 the biggest investment in radio advertising was made by Anadolu Jet. The company spent GEL 79 877 in the given period. Qatar Airways comes the second with investment-GEL 16 098.


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