Company IPM Researches presents 2018 year statistic data on activity of business companies in media.
This time we present important aspects of media activity of pharmaceutical companies. Company PSP was the most activce pharmaceutical company in media in 2018 year. It has 63% of media activity.

All the four companies have positive index in sentiments. Company Aversi has moved to the first place. 45% of its media activity is positive.
Negative index was also recorded in case of all the four companies, although it is very low. Company GPC has the biggest percet of negative index and this is only 4%.

The list of events and offers conducted by company Aversi in 2018 year is very long. CSR policy of the company is also well reflected in media activity. In 2018 year company Aversi received several awards, such as the nomination of “The Best
Company” in terms of XIX Business Rating Awards. It was also named as one of the biggest employers. Company opened branch with modern design. Charity events are also very important. Aversi Clinic will ensure free medical examination and treatment to members and veterans of olympic committee. Memorandum was signed between  charity fund “Aversi” and Georgian Solidarity Fund. In terms of charitable action Aversi Clinic held free medical examination of Kazbegi population. Company actively offered different actions to its clients. Among them is “French Days in Aversi,” etc. “Mtredi Card” raffle is also worth mentioning in which company offers GEL 300 000 super prize to the winner.


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