• 2018-02-12

USA (18%) and Germany (15%) are the most favourite countries
for Georgians to temporarily work

In the scope of the survey conducted in the region, respondents opinions were studied about the following issue - in which countries they would like to temporarily work if they got an opportunity. In each country 1200 respondents participated in the survey.

All in all, the most of the respondents have desire to temporarily work abroad.

The number of Georgians who’ve left Georgia to work in other countries is quite large. According to unofficial data from March 2015, the amount of Georgians living abroad was about 1 607 744 – almost one third of Georgian population (source: http://opendata.ge/ka/request/42514#requests-tabs1).

The jobs of employees’ who work abroad, are mostly low-qualified and working conditions – heavy. Despite this, majority of Georgians still consider temporary work abroad a desirable opportunity.

The analysis has been revealed favourite countries for region countries to temporarily work. Among the top 5 countries  are: USA, Russia, Germany, UK and France.

Among the Georgian respondents, who would like to work in other country, the most names USA (18%) as their priferred country; Also, significant amount of Georgians would like to work in Germany (15%). Russia is amoung the top 5 countries for Georgians. However, it is 5th in rating and is less of a desirable country for Georgians (7%).

For those Armenian respondents who would like to work in other countries, Russia is the favourite country (23%). For a large part of them USA is also a desirable option (18%).

It has to be mentioned, that Turkey is especially attractive country to temporarily work only for Azerbaijani respondents (26%). 14% of respondents would like to work in Russia and 12% - in Germany.

Despite the fact, that majority of Georgians would like to work abroad, compared to region countries, Georgians have less desire to work in other country (36%).