• 2019-09-26

Activation of business sector after summer is always obvious and interesting. Traditionally, IPM offers the list of 20 business companies that had the highest media coverage in September. The list is quite diverse and represents several industries. Financial sector is represented by 5 popular brands. Hospitality business has 4 companies, construction sector-3 companies. The list also comprises players of aviation, fresh and mineral drinks, beer, telecommunication and oil products industries.
The most active 20 business companies in Georgian media are:

The first 10 companies of the list were mentioned in over 100 news in September. The evaluation profile is depicted in the following chart:

There is negative evaluation in 4 out of 10 companies. Company Sveti is the only one the sentiment profile of which is more negative than positive. In case of other companies, positive assessment always prevails.
Fully positive companies are VTB Bank, SIlknet, Coca Cola, Socar, Wizz air and M2. The highest positive assessment is identified in case of VTB Bank. The most negative one- company Sveti.
Positive evaluation of VTB Bank is connected with its activities, socially significant events, e.g. horse race tournament-VTB cup. It is also worth noting that in September the bank announced about its chain development and raffle.
It is interesting that negative profile of company Sveti is crossed with the positive evaluation of M2. Namely, after 3-year interval, affected clients of Sveti received a final answer that about n2500 families will get residential flats in 3 years. M2 promises to complete all 3 suspended projects.